Some of mine and my collaborators’ work has been covered in various media across Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally. It is often that through journalists and their reporting that researchers are able to reach out to a wider public, highlight some of the key findings and encourage more people to participate in scientific endeavours.

  1. Radio NZ “Māori likely first humans to see Antarctica” , 9 June 2021
  2. Radio NZ “Killing for conservation: the scientific and ethical challenges of predator eradication“, 13th January 2019
  3. Radio NZ “Moa extinction and whakataukī offer ecological, social, linguistic knowledge“, 11th October 2018
  4. Otago Access Radio “Antarctica” on Sophie Fern’s Natural History Show, 2nd June 2018
  5. Radio NZ Our Changing World “Hair of the kuri or Maori dog“, 22nd October 2015
  6. Radio Waatea “Whakatauki have conservation messages“, 15th November 2012
Television & online media
  1.  An article describing some of our work on kiore, from Predator Free NZ
  2. The Next 30 Years of Antarctic Protection. An event for the general public, with a panel of experts organised by the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition.
  3. Te Tapatahi “Māori and Antarctica“, 9 June 2021
  4. Te Ao Tapatahi, Māori TV about the Māori Antarctica: Ka mua, ka muri research project and seminar series that started online 27 July 2020 at
  5. Te Karere News TVNZ “He tūī, he kōkō rānei?: Māori names for native birds matter“, 3rd December 2019
  6. Te Karere News TVNZ “Whakairo erected in Antarctica“, 7th March 2019
  7. Māori Television “Māori whakairo to be carved in Antarctica“, 31 January 2019
  8. Te Papa “The Politics of Collecting – from Banks and Solander to Today“, 2019
  9. Māori Television “Native Affairs – A Conservation Lesson“, 12th July 2016
  10. Massey University “New Zealand Tree Wētā“, 2011
Selected press & online articles
  1. Kim Walker of the early career folks of the Society for Economic Botany interviewed me in late 2020 about “How I got here“, for all those interested in an ethnobiology backstory. Kidney ferns, pīngao and all. Such fun to do!
  2. One of the 2020 nine stars of Matariki selected by the Government Women’s Network. GWN is is an employee-led network creating change that will enable all women in the public sector to achieve their potential.
  3. MSc student Adele Parli had her work on wētā personality and baits featured in NZ Geographic, June 2020. Read about it here
  4. 46 Questions for Scientists. Humanizing Science by Highlighting Those Who Do It. July 2020
  5. Relational Thinking blog at People and Nature journal. Why become an Associate Editor? June 2020
  6. The Science Learning Hub – Pokapū Akoranga Pūtaiao “Mātauranga and the integration of Māori and western knowledge“, 7th February 2020
  7. Langscape Magazine “Ancestral Sayings and Indigenous Knowledge: Learning from Māori Oral Tradition“, 19th December 2019
  8. Stuff NZ “Mātauranga Māori ‘needed’ to help fight the world’s biodiversity crisis“, 2nd December 2019
  9. Mongabay “How climate change could throw Māori culture off-balance“, 23rd May 2019
  10. New Zealand Herald “Rising seas threaten hundreds of campgrounds, habitats“, 28th March 2019
  11. The Ecologist “Climate change threatens Māori plant use“, 27th March 2019
  12. Relational Thinking “Effects of climatically shifting species distributions on biocultural relationships“, 27th March 2019
  13. Stuff NZ “Climate change threatens use of traditional Māori plants – study shows“, 27th March 2019
  14. British Ecological Society “Climate change threatens Māori plant use and knowledge“, 27th March 2019
  15. The Spinoff “Oral traditions show that early Māori recognised the extinction of the moa“, 9th September 2018
  16. The Smithsonian Magazine “Oral History Suggests Māori Proverbs on Bird Extinction Mirrored Fears of Indigenous Group’s Own Decline“, 6th September 2018
  17. The Conversation “Dead as the moa: oral traditions show that early Māori recognised extinction“, 6th September 2018
  18. Stuff NZ “Why did the Maori dog kuri die out? Scientists looks for clues in old hair and bones“, 20th July 2015
  19. SciBlogs “Moa and Maori dogs – lessons for modern ecological life“, 24th September 2014