I welcome students and collaborators from a range of different backgrounds, including those who have partners and families, and those with diverse experience.


Prospective post-docs who are interested in working with me, either by applying for a postdoctoral fellowship or writing a grant to support a postdoctoral position, should contact me.

Graduate students

I support incoming graduate students  in collaborative research with others, to enable students to develop research skills, value critical thinking, engage in respectful relationships, communicate their work, and publish papers.

Currently, I am seeking Masters or PhD students who are interested in:

interdisciplinary Antarctic research (e.g. with a conservation, philosophy, history, or Indigenous studies background),

wētā behaviour, ecology and evolution

NZ ecological conservation and mātauranga.

At present, I supervise students collaboratively with colleagues in the Department of Zoology, University of Otago and Schools of Psychology and Biological Sciences, Victoria University, and I am now growing a research group in the Centre for Sustainability.

Students develop their own research projects for their dissertations with my assistance. I support students to work both independently and in collaboration with others. 

Students interested in applying to work with me should send me a brief statement of interests, CV, and summary of previous experience.  

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